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"Lieu magnifique, activités variées et encadrées par des intervenants de qualité, tout [...]"
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Participative approach

An open and mutually enriching space

Creating links through creating an anchor point within our area: whether it be through restoring and keeping up our domain, building works and decorating, our co- contractors and our partners, whenever possible we choose small local organisations and companies who understand the meaning of our project and its aims.
The restoration of the domain was mainly carried out by WWOOFers voluntary workers of all nationalities wanting to experience our country, our culture and who were interested in our project.
The project and the works were entirely managed by local actors : from the works which were managed by the talented young Macaw Studio team to the different works themselves, carried out by the appropriate tradesmen, all of them having businesses locally.
The choice of our suppliers is based on the same approach, meaning, creating links, social responsibility. The "Manufacture de Digoin" which has recently re launched its activity on a new basis supplies the Ostalas with tableware; Cosme and Embrin young inventive companies with a promising future supply organic bedding which favours the guests sleep.

We are as equally committed to setting up meaningful partnerships and close ties with our suppliers on a daily basis: Denis and his organic honey which has allowed us to reintroduce bees into our grounds; Carole and her organic Market Gardening, Saponaire and the Castelmayran ESAT (a French non profit organisation which helps the disabled through employment situated a local village) which provides the hotel's laundering services etc... So many new friends who we think of as stars, stars we employ within our eco-solidarity policy and who we help to shine just that little more brightly.


Hosting WWOOFers

The main land clearing and enhancing the domains' large grounds were carried out by WWOOFers. Voluntary workers of all nationalities wanting to experience our country, our culture and who were interested in our project. Columbians, italians, spaniards, chileans, australians, french people scots and americans all, for the time they were available, took part in the a project that made sense to them and during which they created new strong bonds.

The WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is a worldwide network of organic farms on which farmers lodge people who wish to help, share their daily life, their know how and activities. (WWOOFers) 
We would also like to give a hearty thanks to the Workaway association through which some of the WWOOFers found us.

Supportive hotelier with Solikend.

Our hotel participates in Solikend's initiative, the first solidarity site for online reservations.
In fact, every season, L'Ostalas sells nights for the benefit of associations on the Solikend platform. We are therefore committed to donating the total amount payed for these nights to the association chosen by the customer as part of this offer.

Occitanie and Europe at our side to take part in the realization of the project

L'Ostalas is resolutely part of a quality reception niche as part of an approach closely linked to well-being and sustainable development and pursues the ambition of opening itself widely to welcoming a clientele local and international. So many aspirations aligned with the strategic orientations of the Occitanie Region and the Leader program. In order to sustain the project, we requested support from the Occitanie Region and Europe at the end of 2020, the objective of which is to give L'Ostalas the dimension of a quality hotel to enable it to register sustainably in the territory by playing its role as a responsible, recognized and efficient economic player.

Sustainable & responsible tableware

Combining the pleasures of the plate with those of the eye and doing so while highlighting responsible courageous initiative! 
A winning formula with L'Ostalas and "La Manufacture de Digoin" which has recently re launched its activity on a new basis but respecting the firm's history and now supplies our tableware.

A hearty thanks to Corinne. We were all three of us touched by your warm welcome.


Spotlight on the Bedding

You are stronger, better looking and happier when you sleep well!
So to favour a refreshing nights sleep, which is by nature essential in our holistic approach to well being, we sought out and brought together two young actors in the field of natural, inventive, committed and responsible bedding articles.

Alexandre and Baptiste the "new mattress makers" an co-founders of Cosme Literie are not shy to say that their company is committed to both tradition and innovation. And we were impressed with the result, the quality of their choice natural fibres, the craftsmanship of their partners, their commitment and their enthusiasm.

Camille and Alexis' story is a very similar to that of Alexandre and Baptiste in that their policy is also to go back to their elders' trades and know how. The founders of Embrin come from a along line of Normandy Linen producers and have being investing in creating, producing and selling genuine linen household linen since 2016. This exceptional natural, environmentally fibre deserved our attention, but we we also liked their commitment to what they call 'their duty'. Commitment to traceability, ecology and according to those who have slept in their sheets linen at its best!

We are proud to be both companys' partners.

An effective meaningful partnership that makes sense

Equally voicing our commitment to creating opportunities for social diversity and bonding with those around us on a daily basis: we work with a local ESAT (a French non profit organisation which helps the disabled through employment situated In CASTELMAYRAN a local village) which has happily taken on an carries out L'Ostalas laundering very professionally.