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Eco responsible Approach

"Sobriety is a happy option"


Be like the hummingbird, because taking care of yourself necessarily means taking care of the environment.

Right from the beginning we chose to include an eco responsible dimension in our project, that is we have always striven to manage it, by doing our best, on our scale to take into account the impact of all the aspects and dimensions of our project on the environment.
This choice is voiced through the following examples: 
We respect the location and its history. We have done our very best to restore and  renovate the original built heritage as it deserves so as to preserve the fired brick walls and local architecture. We carry out the up keep of the surrounding natural heritage (fruit trees, plantations, pruning) in the same way, because, it is also our duty as the new owners, to treat the old organic growing area with the respect it deserves.
We also voice our choice through the way we have furnished and decorated our hotel being driven by preserving the environment and taking into account the impact the materials used have on everyone. Thus everything we use from cleaning agents, through beds, matresses and bedding is as natural organic and as eco responsible as possible. Our sourcing policy is of the same ilk, we source local as much as possible and even "ultra local", for our fresh organic vegetables come from the field opposite and our fruit from the garden!

It is no doubt a modest effort but we are and will always be proud of doing our best to be like the hummingbird.

Bees are back!

We wanted it for the ecological symbol, for the pollination of the kiwi field and for their soothing buzz. Thanks to Denis and his Rucher du Coustal, the bees are back!
The beekeeping he practices promotes respect for the living, the product, the profession, and ...  for the consumer! By consuming the honeys or the products that Denis offers, we are guaranteed to consume an ethical product of high taste quality, with no other addition than all the passion he has for his profession and for bees.

Ultra local producers and guest instructors


We have carefully selected most of our producers and instructors from in and around the Tarn et Garonne and even nearer for their working knowledge of the local environment. 
Thus our plates are proud to welcome the great work of Carole for the vegetables which only have a street to cross, of Gilles, organic baker in Picquecos for his fabulous einkorn bread delivered daily, as well as of Denis, beekeeper at Lafrançaise.

Happy Trek

Happy Trek is a travel adgnecy as well as a unifier of meaningful trips and facilitates the booking of wellness stays organized in the heart of nature by committed therapists and wellness entrepreneurs.
And behind Happy Trek there is Ludivine! A naturopath passionate about well-being, hiking, travel and nature. Without forgetting the kitchen! All the ingredients for us to cross her path, ...with happiness!

Out Of Reach

Félicie and Sandrine issued themselves a challenge! That of making us travel unplugged, disconnected; that of making us live holiday experiences where we live the present moment and which allow us to reconnect with the essential.

OOR (for Out Of Reach) was born!

L'Ostalas naturally found themselves on their pretty paths, for our greatest pleasure!

Waxed Concrete by Biologement

Renovating the existing buildings and hotel building proved to be a genuine field of experiment in our quest of being environmentally friendly and doing what is best for our guests' health. If we haven't managed to reach all our aims (legislation, cost, …) we strove to ponder over the pros and cons of each option every step of the way. This allowed to discover many different innovations and solutions to our needs.
Among them a natural waxed concrete technique invented by Biologement.
Their lime based materials are not only rot proof but also can also be washed with simple soap and water.

Handmade soap

L'Ostalas has replaced its complimentary toilet sets by bars of local hand made (through cold saponification) organic soap.

Based in the heart of pretty fortified village called Monflanquin in the Lot et Garonne "Saponaire" put their heart and soul into making chemical and synthetic additive free soap. We use their soap from the bathroom to the kitchen at home... We hope you'll like it as much as we do!
A hearty thanks to Geraldine.

We Go GreenR

Frequent travelers in the midst of an ecological transition, Marie and Stéphane created We Go GreenR in early 2020, with one goal; that of facilitating access to more responsible tourism so that each small gesture, each on its own scale, changes the world on a larger scale.
Not very surprising that the hummingbirds that we are all 4 did not take long to meet!
We are proud to have welcomed them and to have been certified Green host.