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"Un concept tres reussi, un cadre magnifique, des repas succulents, des hotes [...]"
"Parenthèse enchantée dans un lieu enchanteur !"
"Lieu magnifique, activités variées et encadrées par des intervenants de qualité, tout [...]"
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Welcoming. Discovering. Sharing.

To highlight the three pillars which cement and nourish our project and on which it was founded.
After a three decade classical career path we chose to leave our everyday urban environment with one ambition at heart; to make a life change devoting ourselves to a project that makes sense to us and is in line with our convictions.

Welcoming. We wanted to make L'Ostalas in the image of its name which means a big house in Occitan. We wanted it warm simple to allow guests to resource. The rooms were designed bearing this in mind: they are simple, peaceful and quiet, yet elegant and comfortable with eco responsible furnishings. One of them was designed respecting disabled access standards. The 6 hectare grounds include a forest and orchards are perfect to resource in. You will be able to take time to enjoy the view, which varies with the seasons, onto the many different fruit trees.

Discovering. L'Ostalas is a place where you can, if you wish, take in hand your own well being! There are three different activities daily : two gentle exercise activities in the morning and a more spiritual activity late afternoon. 21 activities in all each week and all revolving around each guests well being. At the Ostalas there are neither training courses nor competition. The guests come to make a new start to reconnect with themselves through taking part in new activities that they have never heard of before and practices they have never had the opportunity to carry out before. They can opt to take part in the activities or not according to how they feel. Healthy eating and vegetarian food are also at the heart of the Ostalas . We make it a point of honour to use only local, fresh organic, seasonal ingredients. By doing so we encourage you to turn certain eating habits upside down and try out a new eating experience which will help you towards well being.

Sharing. A small number of rooms, meals eaten all together around a large table, different guest instructors and practicians daily etc The Ostalas brings together people and experiences in a family atmosphere to encourage exchange, experience sharing, opinion sharing thus creating a perfect  environment for mutual enrichment. That is what really counts for us.
So welcome home to our home!
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