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Tui Shou

Tui Shou is a gentle form of martial art

It is a practiced in pairs and is based on using each other's strength and movements.

It is practised using circular movements and balance.

It is actually, putting non-violent communication to use in order to improve psychomotor skills, flexibility, inner tranquillity, concentration and vitality. Tui Shou is a fun way of relating to and opening up to others through self awareness, which, for us, made it an obvious choice for our programme.

"Tui Shou, like Aikido, is an insight into non-violent bodily practices which can help  in everyday life. It obviously belongs in the Ostalas programme its novelty, relevance and originality making it a totally new experience" Frédéric

Frédéric VOLLE

Frédéric is a member of the French Qi Gong and Arts of Energising Teacher's Federation and author of Relaxation en Mouvement (Relaxation in Movement) published by Weka as well as leaflets on spirituality. He has been practising Qi Gong, which he discovered through his Aikido instructor (Jean-Marc Martin), since 2002. He learnt Qi Gong with Jean-Michel Chomet and Laurence Cortadellas of the traditional Chinese toaist school, Zhi Rou Jia. He also practices (and has taught) Aikido with Gérard Blaize (2nd Dan Aïkikaï Tokyo) which he has enriched with Tui Shou practised with a Chinese master in the Buttes de Chaumont Park in Paris.
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