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"Un concept tres reussi, un cadre magnifique, des repas succulents, des hotes [...]"
"Parenthèse enchantée dans un lieu enchanteur !"
"Lieu magnifique, activités variées et encadrées par des intervenants de qualité, tout [...]"
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A balanced diet

To make our diet an ally for daily well being, we scrupulously follow the daily calorie and nutritional intake recommendations and take into account eating the right food at the right moment and the acido basic balance.

The right quantity of the right food at the right time of day!

What to provide the organism?  What time of the day to provide it?
L'Ostalas menu takes these elements into account: each category of food must be eaten at the time of day it is best absorbed.
Our body will thus get the best  from the food we put into it.
A body which doesn't assimilate well is a body which stocks and therefore feels sluggish...!

The Acido basic balance

To function properly our organism needs a balanced pH (pH is measured on a scale of 14 0 being acid and 14 being basic).
An organism which maintains a too acid pH will probably, after a certain length of time, show signs of ill health (loss of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, deterioration of the bone capital, chronic fatigue, etc).
However our modern way of life and our eating habits encourage us to consume far too many acidifying foods (salt - the culprit for acido basic imbalance, cheese, meat, cooked and cured meats, fizzy drinks, alcohol, etc).

The Ostalas menu encourages eating the right proportion of alkalising foods that is to say fruit, vegetables, olineageanous foods, etc. All these Ingredients help our organism towards a better pH balance and are good for us.

And all that with pleasure in mind!
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