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Vegetarian and Ayurveda

Vegetarian dishes, delicious blend of taste and colour

Raw and cooked fruit and vegetables of all colours, pulses, a variety if leafy vegetables and herbs, mixed grains and spices, at L'Ostalas we have chosen to offer vegetarian fare which not only answers our body's nutritional needs but also flatters our senses and palate.


Our fare is also Ayurveda inspired.

Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine going back thousands of years)  means self knowledge In Sanskrit.

It is both a natural health system and way of life and includes all the aspects of a human being's life. It aims at finding a better mind/body harmony to allow each and everyone to be in better shape and health  Diet obviously plays a big role in that.

Ayurveda dietary principles are based on common sense. They take into account 'how you feel things' and encourage each person to adapt their diet to their needs according to one fundamental rule 'listen to your own body'

Without being strictly Ayureda our cooking is loosely based on its basic precepts. Which are as follows:  try to include the six Ayurveda tastes in each meal : sweet, salty, sour, bitter, astringent and spicy ; have a digest diet ; take into to consideration the heating or cooling effects food has on our body ; enhance dishes with
spices that are good for you ; dine early so as not to go to bed on a full stomach, etc.

And above the pleasure of enjoying healthy good quality food!
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