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"Un concept tres reussi, un cadre magnifique, des repas succulents, des hotes [...]"
"Parenthèse enchantée dans un lieu enchanteur !"
"Lieu magnifique, activités variées et encadrées par des intervenants de qualité, tout [...]"
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Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation is observing thought flows and letting go to restore feeling bodily sensations and breathing thus finding serenity. The session combines letting go, visualisation, meditation and spiritual teachings.

Why full minded meditation at L'Ostalas? Because it encourages, and it is scientifically proved, positive emotions, concentration, compassion and being more present in your own life. Meditation reconnects you to your real self and allows you to throw off your mind and ego's power over your body.

"I have been meditating since I was 17 and I have followed its different teachings especially zen, taoist and tantric. L'Ostalas is a perfect environment in which to experience full mindedness during your stay and .....and eventually put it into use later, in everyday life" Frédéric


Frédéric VOLLE

Frédéric is a member of the French Qi Gong and Arts of Energising Teacher's Federation and author of Relaxation en Mouvement (Relaxation in Movement) published by Weka as well as leaflets on spirituality. He has been practising Qi Gong, which he discovered through his Aikido instructor (Jean-Marc Martin), since 2002. He learnt Qi Gong with Jean-Michel Chomet and Laurence Cortadellas of the traditional Chinese toaist school, Zhi Rou Jia. He also practises Aikido with Gérard Blaize (2nd Dan Aïkikaï Tokyo) Shiatsu with Michel Odoul and Ayurverdic Massage with Ajit Skar and Kashmir Yoga with Daniel Odier. These complementary transversal practices have allowed him to enrich his Qi Gong.
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