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"The science of consciousness in harmony"

Sophrology was developed in the 1960's by the Columbian neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo.

Sophrology is a method based on physical exercise and breathing control leading to a better awareness of the body and its sensations:
  • better awareness of the role the importance of of breathing
  • better identify positive thinking and cultivate it thus
  • developing a better body /mind balance 
  • all that, non judgmentally and at each and everyone's own pace.
Sophrology can be practised in groups or individually.

Influenced by a number of oriental approaches (yoga, tummo, zen) sophrology leads to a more harmonious body/mind balance. It takes us back to basic values and allows us to cultivate the positive side of our existence. Taking care of yourself and focusing on your inner self through sophrology allows you to open up to others and to your surroundings. 

As Sophrology takes care of both body and  mind it has its rightful place in L'Ostalas' group activities. Practising sophrology means calling, through the exercises anyone can do, on both your body and your mind to go from your mind ruling your body towards a more harmonious balance between the two.

"I am particularly sensitive when it comes to the body/mind balance. I trained as a professional sophrologist and personally use sophrology in both my own everyday life and in my profession during my coaching sessions" François


After over 25 years experience in the field of management and Human Resources, in France and abroad Francois Lüdemann has chosen to become fully involved in the Ostalas project and to pursue his profession as a coach there in order to help the guests towards taking on autonomy and responsibility. It was with this in mind that he piorly trained as a professional sophrologist.
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