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Developing a more flexible body

Developing a more flexible body through different techniques of stretching organic tissues.

These gentle stretching exercises carried out along with breathing exercises lengthen muscles and tendons thus help widen the range of joint motion. 

This gentle yet deep work carried out on the muscles allows to develop joint mobility, to recover flexibility a sensation of lightness and well being. It also eases tension.
We esteem it is an important part of the programme as its allows to develop mobility and body awareness, hence, self awareness.

"Considering L'Ostalas' aims it seems only natural to offer stretching as it is an activity which anyone can do. An essential everyday practise for ongoing well being, I am delighted to be able share it as widely as possible at the Ostalas" Claudia


I have always been a sports lover and my sporting life began early with Hand Ball, running and Latin dancing.
In 2011 I was a salesperson in a fitness centre in Toulouse when I discovered what was to be my future career : personal sports coach. Equally specialised in group training and body building I have orientated my methods towards self reflection and the control of one's own body such as Pilates, stretching, relaxation and gentle gymnastics. 
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