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Sun Salutation

Rise with the Sun

The Sun Salutation is a sequence of yoga inspired postures. The various changing postures allow you to awaken and tone your body and mind. It is a simple, quick, comprehensive, adaptable set of exercises which anyone can do.

It gently loosens muscles and joints It stimulates the circulation of energy through your body and its vital organs. It tones up your digestive system.

We offer this activity because on top of its many benefits, the Sun Salutation carried out on waking up, under the dojo, facing full East; procures such a magical experience that lasts all day all day long the it just has to be shared.

"The name Sun Salutation offers an insight into what stimulates life on Earth. The light of its rays gives life and allows it to flourish..I like the fact that this practise can be carried out according at each person's pace, to each and everyone's level and physical capacities to allow each and everyone to greet the sunrise daily. More than just exercise to to make one feel better physically it helps towards 'being' better." Anaïs

Anaïs Rispe

Anaïs Rispe who trained with The Yoga Alliance is a certified Vinyasa ashtanga Yoga teacher. She has always strived to supplement her training through taking part in many courses such as Anatomy-Philosophy-Mantras (Jade Skinner -USA), Prana Flow (Shiva Rea-USA), Prana Vinyassa Flow (Laurence Gay), perinatal yoga, Ayurveda inspired Vinyassa Yoga (Mira Jamadi) Anais is also an Alex Duncan and Doctor David Frawley (introduction to dietetics, lifestyle, phytotherapy and psychology) certified ayurvedic therapist. She enjoys teaching a blend of  two complementary practices, Yoga and Ayurveda ! Two means of raising oneself up and living in harmony with one's environment: genuine inner ecology!
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